Blog Assign DMB implements Flex Databases CTMS, eTMF & PV to cover clinical trial processes and offer more flexibility to clients

This June Assign Data Management and Biostatistics – Assign DMB chose Flex Databases as a provider for CTMS, eTMF, and Pharmacovigilance management systems.

We’ve asked Dr. Anton Klingler, CEO Assign DMB and Mag. Sabine Haid, Lead Project Manager, a few questions about the upcoming partnership:

Why Assign DMB decided to pick Flex Databases as a provider for CTMS, TMF, and Pharmacovigilance?

Assign DMB is always in search of innovative new electronic systems to cover clinical trial processes. We want to amend our portfolio of electronic systems to offer more flexibility to our clients.

Assign DMB experiences that Flex Databases is very customizable as the product range is organized in modules which can be selected as needed. We decided to pick Flex Database as the offer, the presentations and the customer support were very tailored to the needs of Assign DMB with short turnaround times, and as you cover applicable regulations like 21 CFR Part 11.

What do you expect to achieve with the implementation of Flex Databases?

Assign DMB expects:

  • to reduce time in managing essential documents in the TMF, while increasing quality
  • to have a streamlined and clear process in managing safety cases in the pharmacovigilance database
  • to ease the documentation process of monitoring visits and site documentation within the CTMS system
  • to offer its clients a one-stop-shop access to their essential data and documents in order to keep oversight of their clinical trials
  • to manage all its trials in the module project catalogue which increases the oversight and assists in resource planning

Assign DMB – is an organization in Western Austria with primary focus on clinical research data:

  • Data Management
  • Biostatistics
  • Pharmacovigilance
  • Medical Writing
  • Project Oversight Management

Long-time experience allows Assign DMB to manage your clinical study tailored to your individual needs ensuring highest quality standards.