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Pharmacovigilance in China: infographic

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Pharmacovigilance automation processes software market overview

Software market for pharmacovigilance automation can be divided into global large players, medium-sized companies and small local solutions. Flex Databases conducted an in-depth study of market participants based on 60 parameters. Let’s consider the main distinctive features of PV solutions. Large global companies are well-known to everyone – for instance, Oracle and, in our opinion, the most successful and most innovative competitor to Oracle – ArisGlobal. What’s offered by global […]

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Practical Risk-Based Monitoring implementation tips

Risk-based monitoring is a hot topic right now. It is burning through lots of US and European events. So, the world is changing, is your company ready to embrace it? We can remind ourselfs about the times of numerous papers, faxes, Excel tracking, manual tracking, blue ink signatures, etc. It wasn’t that long ago. Looking into not that distant future we get to realize that RBM is something to accept […]

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