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Ultimate guide to CTMS

We’ve decided to compile an Ultimate Guide about Flex Databases CTMS and answer the biggest questions a person could have on the subject: from what is CTMS to what’s coming next.

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Nutrasource selects Flex Databases to cover the entire clinical trial lifecycle with a single solution

At the very beginning of 2022, Canadian CRO Nutrasource selected Flex Databases as an eClinical provider to cover the entire clinical trial lifecycle with a single solution.

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CTMS 2022 – intelligence insights, not tools for automation

Clinical Trial Management System (CTMS) is one of the most popular and widely used eClinical software applications. It’s been on the market for decades, and from simple process management, the concept grew in many different directions. What happened to Flex Databases CTMS and where we are going now?

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CTMS your processes digital
CRA Activity Management – your processes, but digital

What if there is a way to do both – keep things the way they used to be yet go digital and get control over KPIs, overall transparency of the business and speed up processes?

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User-centric CTMS. C-level, Manager or a CRA? Have we guessed your needs?

When we build a product, we base its core on the challenges our customers may face and how to solve them. We step in your shoes to see things from your point of view – what you need.

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ABX-CRO selects Flex Databases CTMS and eTMF

This summer ABX-CRO and Flex Databases signed a contract for a CTMS & eTMF implementation.

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How FGK CRO automated their clinical trials in 5 weeks

At the very beginning of 2021 Flex Databases and German FGK CRO signed a contract for CTMS and eTMF implementation.

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exom group
Exom Group implements Flex Databases CTMS and Pharmacovigilance

At the very end of winter, Flex Databases signed a contract for CTMS and Pharmacovigilance module implementation with Italian Human & Digital CRO Exom Group.

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Solving site payments problem with Flex Databases Subject Tracking & Invoicing

Most trial sites work with no more than a 3-month operating budget. With an estimated two-thirds of trial sites falling into this category, software companies have sought to close this gap in effective financial operations with process automation and payment schedule. So CROs, pharma companies, and biotech can finally get transparency in site payments.

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