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Flex Databases recognised as one of top-10 Pharmacovigilance providers in the UK & Europe

This September, Pharma Tech Outlook included Flex Databases in Top-10 Pharmacovigilance solutions providers in the UK & Europe.

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Video: The way we save time on case intake in Flex Databases Pharmacovigilance module

In this video we talk about the way Flex Databases Pharmacovigilance module helps to save time on case intake.

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Answering 6 most frequently asked questions about Flex Databases Pharmacovigilance module

lients. That’s why to save your time and give you a deeper understanding of how our Pharmacovigilance module work, we are happy to answer the six most frequently asked questions about the system.

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Synchronizing safety data from EDC/eCRF with Flex Databases Pharmacovigilance

Flex Databases is ready to arrange the automated data flow from any eCRF/EDC used by Sponsor or CRO to our Pharmacovigilance module.

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Challenges of pharmacovigilance automation

Despite the obvious benefits of introducing new technologies in electronic systems for pharmacovigilance, it is necessary to consider the difficulties that a company will face:

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Using Artificial Intelligence in Pharmacovigilance

As we briefly discussed in the previous chapter, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is used to simulate the processes of a human brain with the help of computer systems. It encompasses various technologies, including rule-following, reasoning – using rules to reach rough or specific conclusions, learning, and self-correction.

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Pharmacovigilance automation: components and levels

Modern pharmacovigilance, like any other process, in 2021 is impossible without technology and automation.

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exom group
Exom Group implements Flex Databases CTMS and Pharmacovigilance

At the very end of winter, Flex Databases signed a contract for CTMS and Pharmacovigilance module implementation with Italian Human & Digital CRO Exom Group.

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How to move to post-Brexit pharmacovigilance effortlessly and efficiently

In 2021 the United Kingdom is moving to its post-Brexit life with new processes, procedures, and laws everywhere, including clinical trials and pharmacovigilance. This piece we dedicate to a simple question – how to move to post-Brexit pharmacovigilance effortlessly and efficiently.

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