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Metronomia selected Flex Databases to gain efficiencies in project management and budget-related activities

What’s so great about Flex Databases Project Management & Budgeting module? It’s about hard things simplified into one logical flow

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Managing multiple-currency studies with Flex Databases

International clinical trials, in most cases, mean multiple currencies and exchange rates throughout all financial operations. Flex Databases offers a simple yet elegant solution to effectively manage multi-currency projects.

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SPARC chose Flex Databases as one solution with an increased possibilities of integration after vetting 11 vendors

Earlier this year Sun Pharma Advanced Research Company (SPARC) selected Flex Databases to be a full-scale eClinical vendor, purchasing eTMF, CTMS and Project Management & Budgeting solutions.

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Bioclever selected Flex Databases
BioClever selected Flex Databases eTMF and PM & Budgeting 

This fall BioClever, Spanish full-service CRO, and Flex Databases signed a contract for eTMF, Project Management & Budgeting and Time Sheets & Utilization implementation.

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Managing resources of your clinical trial projects the right way

As the business grows, it becomes critical to learn how to manage resources efficiently. Using Excel spreadsheets to track the utilization of available resources is no longer an option, especially if your company expands globally or conducts sophisticated projects with a lot of data points. 

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Flex Databases Project Management & Budgeting

When we think about project management & budgeting systems, we usually imagine something with a bad interface, no clear user logic, and an overloaded price. Well, there is something on the market that’s easy to understand and use yet still powerful, flexible, and doesn’t cost like a new jet.

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PureCDM selects Flex Databases

Australian data management service provider PureCDM has recently signed a contract with Flex Databases to implement our Project Management & Budgeting and Time Sheets & Utilization solutions.

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