4 offices

70 + people

Trusted by our clients since 2011

Flex Databases mission is to be the best unified yet
flexible e-Clinical platform reflected
in success of our clients and employees

  • Product quality
    QA system
  • Expertise
    Advanced industry understanding
  • No bureaucracy
    Customer collaboration over contract negotiation
    Honesty and transparency
  • Social significance
    Employees like working with us
    Let the personality shine

Flex Databases way of doing things – how our processes work

Customer driven product centric

We are driven by our high mission to make an impact in the Life Sciences industry. Professionals all over the world are using our platform every day to conduct efficient research and develop effective medicines in a complex and regulated domain.
As a company, we are constantly growing our clients’ portfolio, developing our unified multi-modular product and supporting our employees’ growth. These are all essential elements of our success.

Work with us
  • We care more about the things you do rather than your set working hours. We have flexible start hours from 8:00 to 11:00. It is important to participate in meetings with clients and (fixed) team meetings
  • We value respect, transparency, proactivity, openness and positive approach
  • We do care about our team’s mental health and happiness. This is why we follow an open-door policy and accept constructive feedback from both sides
  • We believe in teamwork with our clients and employees and build long-lasting trusted relationships
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