10 years of Flex Databases

Aug 31, 2021

It all started with a big bang small team of professionals aiming to build a masterpiece of a product and a company. Now we are almost a hundred, and it couldn’t have been better.

2011: From 5….2021: …to 70 and counting
Vlad K, Product DirectorKarine D, Project Manager
During my first year at Flex Databases, I’ve had to combine six positions at once. I’ve spent a decent half of my first day on building a table – not a datasheet, but an actual working table, a deck.
The most important things about Flex for me are our team, our culture, and the unique, trusting relationship that binds us together.
From the first interview, it was clear that the team is the company’s main strength. And, two months later, when I face work-related and other questions and communicate them to the team, I understand that the first impression was not deceiving. The uniqueness and professionalism of each employee make the company strong and successful!
Natalia B, Director, Operations Yura P, Product Marketing Manager 
The first memory: the day when we’ve got keys to our very first office, it was a hot summer, and there were only a few of us. The most vivid memory: our first trip to the DIA exhibition in 2012. On our way back to the office, our CEO and I were not allowed on the plane, but our CTO and the flight attendants came to our rescue and saved the day.
Our killer feature is people – a true team, open-minded, inspired, and inspiring.
What struck me from the very first contact and continues to this day is the friendly and the most natural openness. When, even at the stage of the first conversation, you feel at home. When you feel that people are passionate about their work and the company, they want to do everything to succeed.
Therefore, everyone is trying to help you as much as possible, give you all the necessary data and resources, are open to all ideas.
Alex Z, Software Configuration ManagerIvan A., Software Developer
The biggest impression of all time of my work in the company is, of course, people. Colleagues who work side by side with me every day set a positive working attitude, motivate me to work, and make it possible to achieve even the most extravagant goals. I have been thrilled to be a member of such a great team for almost ten years!The first impression was formed only from positive emotions. The main features of the team: everyone’s willingness to always come to the rescue, explain and give direction for thought; general purposefulness of the team; a sense of humor as a highlight of success.


10 years of Flex Databases System development in six steps:

We went from 6 to 12 modules in 10 years, and it’s only just beginning. Something new is coming soon, and we promise – you won’t be disappointed. 


We are ready to go the extra mile for our clients, and we MEAN it.Two years ago, we flew to Adelaide, Australia, to perform face-to-face training for Avance CRO. It took our team members a 27-hour long flight with two layovers, and it was just the outbound trip. We are glad to go the extra mile for our clients!
Our customers are our inspirationTwo of our oldest clients, NCGS and Novo Nordisk, inspired our Subject Tracking & Invoicing module and helped shape it to how we all see it today.
It’s business to business and human to humanA few years ago, we accidentally sent our vegan customer a Cheese and Pate basket as a Christmas gift. The picture from his reply is still one of the best we’ve ever got. Lesson learned!

A word from our CEO

Olga L., CEO

It all began many years ago in a galaxy not that far away when our CTO Tim asked me whether I was bored, and I was never bored again since then.

I work in clinical research all my life – in different functions, from different angles; it is safe to say I have tried everything. And at some point, the world came to digitalization, and clinical research was no exception. At that moment, ten years ago, it was a reasonably new area – the need for high-quality IT solutions had already appeared, but there were practically no high-quality proposals.

The idea to create something unique inspired us all a lot. We wanted to realize both technological and managerial ambitions. We wanted to create a piece-of-art technology and a company organized for people and driven by people.

We have managed to create a very high-quality and well-organized company and a first-class product. We have transparent processes and procedures that meet the requirements of the pharmaceutical field, and we cultivate many highly qualified specialists. Our primary value is people, and we have a great team.

I want to wish further growth, health, inspiration in our work, and keeping the tremendous value we’ve built to all of us. I want all employees to be proud of the company they work for, and not without a reason.

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