16 April 2021
Why Australia and Flex Databases are perfect for early phase clinical trials
When industry experts talk about the role of Australia in worldwide clinical trials, many mention its perfect fit for early phase trials conduction. D
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8 April 2021
Gouya Insights selected Flex Databases eTMF to easily stay inspection ready any time
At the very beginning of March 2021, Flex Databases signed a contract for eTMF implementation with Austrian clinical industry experts’ company Gouya
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2 April 2021
Solving site payments problem with Flex Databases Subject Tracking & Invoicing
Most trial sites work with no more than a 3-month operating budget. With an estimated two-thirds of trial sites falling into this category, software c
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11 March 2021
What’s next for Flex Databases Learning Management System?
It’s been two years since our How to stop worrying and start working in clinical trials material dropped. Content-wise, it was the highest poin
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8 February 2021
FGK CRO selected Flex Databases CTMS and eTMF to increase cost-effectiveness and quality of clinical trial management
At the very beginning of 2021 Flex Databases and German FGK CRO signed a contract for CTMS and eTMF implementation. Martin Krauss, Managing Directo
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2 February 2021
TCD chose Flex Databases eTMF as it’s well designed, user-friendly and extremely customizable to suit the needs of various clinical trials
At the end of 2020 TCD, an African-focused CRO with a full-service offering, signed a contract for eTMF implementation with Flex Databases. We’ve
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4 January 2021
Flex Databases CTMS – Subject Tracking & Invoicing
  Subject Tracking & Invoicing – Flex Databases CTMS module. Video duration: 08:50 Use Subject Tracking & Invoicing Module to
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29 December 2020
Happy Holidays!
Thank you for being with us 2020, We wish you a happy and healthy 2021. Some of you (well, considering that it’s the 29th of December and most o
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9 December 2020
Flex Scan App – transfer paper document to your eTMF in 23 seconds (office scanner vs mobile app race results are in)
We keep making users' lives easier! At least for early adopters. Don’t you have your mobile phone on you all the time? It's the only thing you ne
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27 November 2020
How to move to post-Brexit pharmacovigilance effortlessly and efficiently
In 2021 the United Kingdom is moving to its post-Brexit life with new processes, procedures, and laws everywhere, including clinical trials and pharma
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5 November 2020
Flex Databases eTMF – easy collaboration with an unlimited number of sites at no added cost
Documenting everything is a burden when running a study, especially a big and international one. Just think about putting all the documents in one pla
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