Learning Management System

Audit or inspection is never a problem and does not require substantial preparation. Training and SOP matrixes maintained automatically. Training files are audit ready and exportable in one click. All problems with training are accessible in one click.
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Why Flex Databases Learning Management System?
  • Transparency

    Work done in one plase – measured, organized, reported

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  • Compliance

    Inspection readiness and compliance while easy to use

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  • Modern business approach

    Advanced technology in a simple interface

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Inspection readiness and compliance is maintained effortlessly, SOPs process and training are transparent by default.

Audit or inspection is never a problem and does not require substantial preparation. Matrixes for training and SOPs maintained automatically. Simple update for QA documents followed by automated training and documents published for employees in current versions. E-signature is available and compliant.


Training assignments made automatically. Training is completed on time and tracked. Training can be trainer led, self-training and courses.  CV, Job Description, applicable training, external training and certificates are in one place.

Training library is available for employees, as well as library of SOPs and other standard documents and company templates.

Quizzes are here to make sure employees actually opened an SOP or training material. Training files are audit ready and exportable in one click. All problems with training are accessible in one click.

Get a clear simple picture on any outstanding training of project team members.

Troubleshoot with subordinates’ training – transparent picture of all training and problems of employees.

Deep business intelligence reporting for all training matters – besides all basic reports you can even see how long it took to answer a specific question in a training quiz.


Simplified onboarding of new employees with automatically assigned training.

Easy scaling and integration of new companies or teams into corporate culture with simplified onboarding.

SOPs and training are simple to organize and don’t require your extra time.

Training is easy to go through – videos, presentations, links, documents attached, SCORM. Flexible notifications not to forget about a training, to review and update an SOP. Access for different levels of employees and external users – QA view, training manager view, line manager view, project manager view, employees view. Simple interface. Take a cup of coffee, then come back to where you left off with a training or SOP reading.

Go through quizzes and then review the results. Do all of it online and sign electronically.

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