Clinical Trial Management System

Clinical Trial Management System consists of a number of modules, which can be used together, separately or with other modules on our platform. You may choose certain options now and increase your use of CTMS anytime in the future.

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Why Flex Databases Clinical Trial Management System?
  • Transparency

    Work done in one place
    Measured, organized, reported

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  • Compliance

    Inspection readiness and compliance
    while easy to use

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  • Modern business approach

    Advanced technology
    in a simple interface

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CRA Activity Management

All routine monitoring tasks covered in one application. Create Confirmation Letter, Follow-up Letter in one click with all related trackers added automatically. Site Visit Report create, review and approve workflow with electronic signatures is flexible and configurable to replicate your exact processes. Flexible smart trackers include action items, issues, deviations, etc. – there is no limit to what you can track and measure. All templates and documents are version controlled and automated. Poor internet connection at site? Use offline reporting capabilities of the system. Change of plans in the middle of the road? Implement changes and use new versions of templates and trackers. Hard to keep track of all visits? Use visits calendar and your tasks tab. Things are out of control? KPIs are tacked, alerts are set for you to never miss a bit of a quick running study.

Subject Tracking & Invoicing

Track what is going on at sites: enrollment, inclusion curve, in and out of time window visits, screen failures and so much more in one place. Widgets, reports and graphs, all exportable and at the your disposal. Site payments are set, measured, organized and tracked. Plan budgets for site payments, get automated information on visits and procedures completed, invoices are generated automatically – check, confirm, see the big picture or dive into details. Planned vs actual reports are everywhere on every data point you can think of.

Investigators & Sites Management

Sites statuses, addresses, documents, contracts, qualification, vendors, submissions, site staff, timelines and so much more at hand. Keep all your Medical Institutions and Sites information in a clear organized manner, find all related information in few clicks. Manage submissions packages across countries, studies and sites in one! interface.

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27 May 2021
What’s new: Flex Databases Release 12
We constantly update and develop our system to meet clients' expectations and provide the most advanced and user-friendly system for their needs.  He
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27 April 2021
Exom Group implements Flex Databases CTMS and Pharmacovigilance to achieve a higher level of operational flexibility and technological unification
At the very end of winter, Flex Databases signed a contract for CTMS and Pharmacovigilance module implementation with Italian Human & Digital CRO
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16 April 2021
Why Australia and Flex Databases are perfect for early phase clinical trials
When industry experts talk about the role of Australia in worldwide clinical trials, many mention its perfect fit for early phase trials conduction. D
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Software solutions for CRO and Pharmaceuticals
We offer both single modules and a unified solution to maintain all processes - you can cover all existing software needs with only one vendor. All modules developed by Flex Databases are validated and compliant with 21 CFR Part 11 and other regulations.