Project Management & Budgeting

Hard things simplified into one logical flow – budget a project, transfer it into planning with one button, plan a project, get automated reporting on project progress, visuals and automated invoicing, see earned value analyses and so much more.

One place – your command center, your Houston to your space

  • Helicopter view of project performance both operational and financial – a nice visual for sponsors, clients, stakeholders.
  • Data available to make informed strategic decisions: what projects are most profitable, do I need more people, for what, etc.
  • Zero manual work creating trackers, tables, measuring performance, milestones, percentages, what is done and what is not – all is done for you.
  • A transparent picture of your team tasks and timelines.
  • See a full picture and invoice sponsors based on any payment rule, project performance.
Gantt chart
Earned Value report

To do nothing and see updates automatically

  • See resources of the company well planned and utilized in an efficient way
  • Track what services take the most time, how resources are allocated between services in and out of scope of projects
  • All numbers and data on the tips of your fingers available to run various reports with a flexible business intelligence
  • Timesheets complete on time and not a burden for the team

And Expense Reporting is just expense reporting

  • Report all passthrough expenses and receipts, receive and approve reports from the team in one place
  • Upload data from banking system or export it to finance management tools
  • Create complicated approval workflows
For payment


Project Management & Budgeting

  • Budget template management by country and per contract
  • Budget amendments
  • Project assumptions and milestones
  • Unit-based, milestone-based and combined planning and budgeting
  • Project planning including Gantt chart
  • Resource allocation and workload planning, FTE (Full-Time equivalent) utilization
  • Business analytics and custom outcome reports
  • Project performance analysis
  • Invoicing based on milestones, Project Performance Report, Units, ad-hoc invoicing
  • Earned value analysis
  • Project news
  • Ad-hoc reporting tool for cross-project and cross-module reporting (graphs, widgets)

Time Sheets & Utilization

  • Easy data entry (calendar and table view, copying, last used tasks)
  • Time sheets applicable for project and non-project activities
  • Easy to monitor and approve time of employees according to line and project subordination
  • Planned versus actual FTE (Full-Time equivalent) tracking
  • Endless reporting capabilities including reports on in- and out-of-scope activities
  • Hiring planning based on FTE
  • All reports and statistics you need including overall company review
  • Backups
  • Adjustable set of project and non-project tasks
  • Integration with Project Management & Budgeting module
  • Country-specific holidays and working week settings
  • Ad-hoc reporting tool for cross-project and cross-module reporting (graphs, widgets)

Expense Reporting

  • Project-based expense management
  • The project list from the Project Management Module is used; no need to manually set up projects on the system
  • Automatic management of exchange rates and foreign currency expenses from external websites without user intervention
  • Expense tracking by item
  • Combined receipts scanning. Upload and attach receipt images made on mobile devices or scanners
  • Approval process, reporting and automated alerts fully customizable according to your organization’s processes
  • Possibility to create complicated approval workflow
  • Integration with all common accounting packages, allowing to feed the data straight into your organization’s finance department for payment processing
  • Cash management
  • Office expenses

What sets Flex Databases apart

Easy implementation

We can deliver a fully functional system in the timeframe from 3 to 10 weeks, depending on the сlient involvement and requirements.

Complete data safety

We have a robust backup & disaster recovery and customer data protection strategy, including distributed data storages around the world.

Full compliance

Flex Databases is compliant with all major international and local regulations such as: ICH GCP E6 R2, FDA 21 CFR Part 11, GDPR, etc.

Flexible solution

Easily configure every part of our proprietary platform. The system is fully managed by end users. No installation required.

What they say about us

John Douglas Snowden
Senior Vice President of Technology Innovation at NCGS, Inc.
NCGS has partnered with Flex to utilize nearly the entire suite of cloud-based modules Flex has to offer for the industry. NCGS believes in Flex’s vision for their platform as it so closely ties to our own ideals of uniformity and simplicity in operations and the delivery of true quality.
Tameo Kobayashi
Chief Innovation Officer, Director, Business Innovation Dept., CMIC HOLDINGS Co., Ltd.
Flex Databases system is very flexible and user friendly. In addition, most importantly the team have much much flexible ways of thinking! I am very proud that we did choose Flex Databases as our platform in CMIC APAC offices.
Joshua Baisley, H.B.Sc.
VP, Clinical Design and Delivery
As we have begun the installation process for Flex Databases system for use with the Clinical Trial Management group, the team at Flex Databases have made this process efficient and organized along with answering any questions that come up internally and jumping on additional meetings with our team to ensure that everything is understood throughout the set up and training process.

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