Project Management & Budgeting

Zero manual work creating trackers, tables, measuring performance, milestones, percentages, what is done and what is not – all is done for you. A transparent picture of your team tasks and timelines.

Hard things simplified into one logical flow – budget a project, transfer it into planning with one button, plan a project, get automated reporting on project progress, visuals and automated invoicing, see earned value analyses and so much more.

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Why Flex Databases Project Management & Budgeting?
  • Transparency

    Work done in one place – measured, organized, reported

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  • Compliance

    Inspection readiness and compliance while easy to use

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  • Modern business approach

    Advanced technology in a simple interface

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One place – your command center, your Huston to your space

Helicopter view of project performance both operational and financial – a nice visual for sponsors, clients, stakeholders. Data available to make informed strategic decisions: what projects are most profitable, do I need more people, for what, etc. Zero manual work creating trackers, tables, measuring performance, milestones, percentages,what is done and what is not – all is done for you. A transparent picture of your team tasks and timelines.

Draft complex budgets, compare versions, import/export budget to/from the system, transfer project to Operations as a breeze.Update and amend budgets and contracts seamlessly with operations. See a full picture and invoice sponsors based on any payment rule, project performance.

To do nothing and see updates automatically

See resources of the company well planned and utilized in an efficient way. Track what services take the most time, how resources are allocated between services in and out of scope of projects.

All numbers and data on the tips of your fingers available to run various reports with a flexible business intelligence.

Timesheets complete on time and not a burden for the team.

And Expense Reporting is just expense reporting

Report all passthrough expenses and receipts, receive and approve reports from the team in one place.

Export to finance systems is available as well as exports to provide to sponsors, clients, stakeholders.

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16 April 2021
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30 October 2020
Flex Databases Project Management & Budgeting – full-cycle solution to make complex financial parts of your projects easy
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29 September 2020
PureCDM selects Flex Databases as intuitive and easy to use platform to gain invaluable insights into project performance
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