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Welcome to Flex Databases!

Our company was founded in 2011 and to this day remains privately owned by our working managers. Our HQ is in Prague, Czech Republic, with additional offices in Switzerland, the U.S., and Turkey.

Our core values

  • Unparalleled product quality
  • Personality over formality
  • Social significance
  • Exceptional industry expertise
  • Honesty and transparency in everything
  • Customer collaboration over contract negotiation

10 years of experience

Flex Databases has been developing solutions for clinical trials management since 2011


We have offices in Europe (Prague, Lausanne), the US (Princeton, NJ), and China (Nanjing)

The best customers

Flex Databases enables all types and sizes of CROs, pharma, and biotech companies globally

Our way of doing things

We create and implement a secure, unified, and compliant electronic system developed specifically for life sciences. The system is composed of modules covering clinical, safety, quality and compliance, as well as project and finance management, from project start-up to product post-marketing. Our mission is reflected in the system – flexible, unified, and hassle-free for users.

While shaping our company culture, defining our values came naturally. What is most important to us? Clients, employees, and our product. And our mission? To be the best unified, yet flexible e-Clinical platform reflected in the success of our clients and employees.

We are driven by customer collaboration over contract negotiation, personality over formality, and that feeling when your daily responsibilities actually make sense. We make our clients’ work easier, paperless, and efficient, so they can focus on more important tasks, or enjoy an extra cup of coffee.

Our clients are based all over the globe. About half are CROs, and half are sponsors including pharma companies, biotech, medical devices, and academic research. 

Now, you are probably wondering about security, compliance, and validation. We provide truly comprehensive service, taking care of system roll out, implementation, data hosting, backups, security, as well as validation and compliance. We are GCP, GMP, HIPAA, GDPR compliant, have participated in numerous audits, and experienced helping clients during inspections.

Get in touch to discuss compliance, implementation, demos, pricing

We are here for all of your questions! Tell us more about yourself and we will organize a tailored live demo to show how you can power up your clinical trials processes with Flex Databases.