You find the ways to save lives.
We make it easier for you.

Our mission is to be the best unified yet flexible e-Clinical platform reflected in success
of our clients and employees.

Our core values

  • Unparalleled product quality
  • Personality over formality
  • Social significance
  • Exceptional industry expertise
  • Honesty and transparency in everything
  • Customer collaboration over contract negotiation

10 years of experience

Flex Databases has been developing solutions for clinical trials management since 2011


We have offices in Europe (Prague, Lausanne), the US (Princeton, NJ), and China (Nanjing)

The best customers

Flex Databases enables all types and sizes of CROs, pharma, and biotech companies globally

Our way of doing things

We are driven by our high mission to make an impact in the Life Sciences industry.

Professionals all over the world are using our platform every day to conduct efficient research and develop effective medicines in a complex and regulated domain.

As a company, we are constantly growing our clients’ portfolio, developing our unified multi-modular product, and supporting our employees’ growth. These are all essential elements of our success.

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