Deloitte and Flex Databases forge strategic alliance to drive digitalisation in Life Sciences across Europe

Jan 29, 2024
Deloitte and Flex Databases

Deloitte, a renowned leader in professional consulting, and Flex Databases, a trailblazer in flexible electronic systems, have officially announced their strategic alliance, signed at the end of year 2023. This collaboration is set to transform the Life Sciences sector by leveraging Deloitte’s expertise in process management, validation, onboarding, and consulting, alongside Flex Databases’ state-of-the-art electronic systems.

Unleashing a New Era in Life Sciences Digitalisation:

Comprehensive Solutions for Life Sciences: Deloitte’s in-depth knowledge in Life Sciences (R&D; global regulatory environment and quality management system set up), combined with Flex Databases’ innovative technology, will offer clients a powerful suite of digital solutions.

This partnership enables Deloitte to enhance its service offerings with Flex Databases’ advanced product line. Expanded Reach and Enhanced Expertise: Flex Databases will benefit from a broader market outreach and Deloitte’s unparalleled expertise in the onboarding and validation processes.

This synergy is poised to elevate the standard of service and efficiency for clients in the Life Sciences sector. Mutual Growth and Improved Client Experience: The alliance is strategically designed to bolster the market position of both Deloitte and Flex Databases, while simultaneously enriching the client experience in digitising processes. This partnership marks a significant step towards integrated, client-centric solutions in the Life Sciences industry.

Official Statements from the Alliance Partners:

This alliance with Flex Databases represents a significant milestone in our journey to provide comprehensive, technology-driven solutions in Life Sciences. Our combined expertise will not only enhance our service portfolio but also bring about transformative digitalisation in the industry.

Vera Valesova, Senior Manager, Deloiite

This partnership with Deloitte represents a pivotal move for Flex Databases. Their profound knowledge in Life Sciences, merged with our advanced electronic systems, sets us on a path to reach new heights in delivering cutting-edge, efficient solutions to our clients. It is particularly important to us to provide comprehensive support – while we focus on digitalisation itself, including validation and onboarding, Deloitte brings their expertise in process enhancement for clients. We aim to be a problem solver for our clients, addressing complex challenges comprehensively, not just creating a new digital one. Therefore, this alliance stands as a complete one-stop-shop and an all-encompassing solution for medical device companies, pharma, and biotech sectors across Europe.

Evgenia Michalčuk-Vráblík, Global Director of Growth, Flex Databases

About Deloitte Life Sciences and Health Care

The Life Sciences and Health Care industry group strives to support clients in addressing the challenges that impact today’s industry. Deloitte member firms‘ global network engages with clients to develop innovative solutions to help them achieve their business missions.

About Flex Databases:

Flex Databases is a pioneer in providing flexible electronic systems, specialising in innovative solutions for the Life Sciences industry – TMF, Document Management, CTMS, LMS, and QMS, as well as Pharmacovigilance. Our commitment to technology advancement has positioned us as a key player in driving digital transformation with a focus on quick implementation, system flexibility, scalability, and, based on clients’ reviews, incredible support.

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