Clinergy Health Research selects Flex Databases Pharmacovigilance as cost-effective and easy to integrate solution

Dec 8, 2022
Clinergy Health Research selects Flex Databases Pharmacovigilance

Clinergy Health Research recently selected Flex Databases as Pharmacovigilance software provider.

We’ve asked Suyh Lin, Clinical Project Manager at Clinergy Health Research a couple of questions about the upcoming partnership:

  • Why Clinergy Health Research decided to implement PV? What was the starting point for digitalization?

PV system and digitalization was implemented due to one of our client’s needs, and considering the expectation of an important number of safety cases to be managed in this particular project. 

  • Why did you select Flex Databases to be your software provider?

A good cost-benefit and also due to the easy integration with Clinergy’s EDC system.

  • What do you expect to achieve with the implementation of Flex Databases?

      Automated and smooth safety distribution process. 

CLINERGY was created to fill gaps left by the traditional outsourcing model and to leverage opportunities for the healthcare industry and clinical sites on a cost-effective way, so that health innovation reaches patients faster. 

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