Five things we’ve loved about DIA Annual Meeting 2022

Jul 4, 2022
Five things we've loved about DIA Annual Meeting 2022

We celebrated an important date this year – 10 years since our first DIA Annual Meeting exhibition. Many things have changed, but the important thing has stayed the same – DIA Annual Meeting is a fantastic place to meet like-minded people, make new connections, and reconnect with old friends. We’d love to thank the event’s organizers for keeping up the good work, and we hope to celebrate more DIAnniversaries for years to come!

Here are the five things we loved the most about DIA Annual Meeting 2022:

  • First, we’ve got to meet with our beloved clients: GCT, Confidence, August Clinical, Ergomed, Southern Star, and more. We’ve missed meeting in person during the pandemic and were incredibly happy to get back to it. 
  • Second, we’ve met many potential clients and new connections, had deep, inspiring talks, and are looking forward to business opportunities to grow out of it.
  • The third thing we loved about DIA 2022 is how open everyone is. We’ve drank cocktails at our esteemed competitors’ booths and discussed industry trends and possible partnerships. 
  • There were a lot of discoveries. We’ve met with different market players from LATAM, MENA & APAC regions, learned more about market perspectives, and attended many sessions. If you’re wondering, what’s hot in 2022, here’s the list: risk-based approach (in nearly every study after COVID), RWE/RWD, inclusivity in trials, practical usage of AI, no-code/low-code approach to IT solutions, design thinking.
  • The fifth thing we loved was our new booth ­– simple yet informative, connected to our updated website design & refreshed visual branding. 

And again, in 2022, Flex Databases celebrated ten years of DIA exhibiting! The Association provided us with a special plaque to mark our anniversary, so we felt extra during the whole event. 

P.S.: Special thanks to those who stopped by to say they remember meeting us at DIA 2012 10 years ago! It’s memories like that that make this event extraordinary. 

Can’t wait to be back in 2023!

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