Nutrasource selects Flex Databases to cover the entire clinical trial lifecycle with a single solution

Feb 8, 2022

At the very beginning of 2022, Canadian CRO Nutrasource selected Flex Databases as an eClinical provider to cover the entire clinical trial lifecycle with a single solution.

“‘We are looking forward to the efficiencies that will be gained across our team with the implementation of Flex Databases allowing us to move to an single solution where we are able to integrate modules covering the entire clinical trial lifecycle with the ability to expand to incorporate our quality management system and learning management system later this year in a single platform.  The decision to move forward with Flex Databases demonstrates our commitment to quality, transparency and regulatory compliance for our clients.”

Joshua Baisley, H.B.Sc.

VP, Clinical Design and Delivery

“As we have begun the installation process for Flex Databases system for use with the Clinical Trial Management group, the team at Flex Databases have made this process efficient and organized along with answering any questions that come up internally and jumping on additional meetings with our team to ensure that everything is understood throughout the set up and training process. We look forward to using Flex Databases systems for use in oversight and tracking of our clinical trials ensuring our commitment to providing sound and quality clinical trials for our Sponsors.”

Stephanie Recker, M.Sc.

Director Program Management

Nutrasource brings the capabilities and scientific acumen of a global CRO while delivering the high-quality results you’d expect from your own team. As a global CRO, Nutrasource has developed a suite of service offerings and capabilities designed specifically to help its clients realize their objectives without needing to seek outside guidance. Their combined regulatory and clinical approach is unmatched in the natural health industry, providing you with added value and reduced risk as you move along the product development journey.

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