The No-Code approach to clinical trial management: LifeScience Review interview

Jun 16, 2023
LifeScience Review interview

Our BD&Marketing Director Evgenia Michalčuk-Vráblík has recently set down with LifeScience Review reporter to talk about the No-Code approach that Flex Databases is leading in CTMS world and how it benefits our client’s business operations. The interview followed the reward that Flex Databases received as one of Top-10 CTMS providers in 2023.

While maintaining compliance, data quality, and cost reduction remain fundamental clinical trial management goals, Flex Databases brings a new level of ease and agility to this approach with its user-friendly no-code platform. With more pharma clients seeking hyper-configurable solutions today, the no-code platform enables a quick and efficient configuration of the system without requiring modifications to internal processes or standard operating procedures (SOP). This flexibility ensures clients can maintain a competitive edge as it increases the system’s responsiveness to evolving needs and streamlines decision-making processes, resulting in enhanced operational efficiency.

It also benefits in mitigating resource and development costs. As the industry continues to witness rising costs and challenges in hiring skilled developers, having a no-code approach empowers even clients themselves, as well as our project managers and analysts to handle system configurations, significantly increasing the nimbleness of clinical trial management processes.

“In February, Flex Databases undertook an implementation project for a Palo Alto-based biotech company, Irenix Medical, that was completed within a remarkably short period of three weeks. Not only did it deliver the complete eTMF system to production, including all the necessary structures, placeholders, and templates, it went beyond and provided an extended package of documents, including SOPs for eTMF management. Client team was happy with such a turn-key approach, as well as its on time delivery.”

Evgenia & LifeScience Review discussed the value of Flex’s flexibility, that comes from within, as well as collaborative approach to sales and the excellency of our team.

“Our remarkable client retention rate speaks volumes about the enduring relationships we have cultivated. Clients who signed contracts with us as far back as 2011 continue to be our valued partners. Despite being a relatively small company, we already have a diverse client base of 100 organizations on our platform”

If you want to learn more on why clients choose Flex Databases – you can visit this page.

To read a full interview & profile – please, follow the link.


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