News Flex Databases Simplifies Access to Clinical Trial Software with Single Sign-On Function

15 November 2017

Nowadays site teams and project teams are required to quickly access, gain proficiency in and use different online software applications to execute their roles in clinical trials studies. It takes some real efforts to memorize or document many web addresses, usernames and passwords along with the growth of automation, efficiency and quality. Furthermore, system administrators must coordinate user training and access permissions across a complex set of systems. For users, the flow can be difficult as they switch back and forth across many applications.

Flex Databases always had SSO within its applications and now we introduce recently implemented Single Sign-On (SSO) function with third-party systems. Our software supports seamless integration with popular third-party applications with single sign-on. Once you log in to Flex Databases, all your studies and other related applications are one click away, and joining a new study is as easy as joining a new online shop with your Facebook profile.

This relates to third-party applications, as inside Flex Databases system SSO was released from the very beginning.

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