Achieving compliance, streamlined training, and transparency in SOPs management with LMS

Nowadays, Learning Management System (LMS) acts as a virtual hub that helps not only with documentation, administration, reporting, tracking, delivery, and automation of training but mainly with audits and SOPs management. 

LMS has some crucial business benefits: 

  • Cost savings: Moving training online significantly reduces company spending on employee travel, facilities, and instructors. 
  • Centralized training delivery: LMS acts as a single source for content, course materials, and instructions, delivering a consistent training and learning quality to all employees. Onboarding newcomers becomes very simple, as well as acquisitions of new businesses.
  • Tracking of employee progress and performance: LMS allows the company to get reporting on an overall or user level basis. It is possible to track easily goal progress, knowledge gains, and more.
  • Regulatory compliance: Thanks to LMS, the update of QA documents becomes very simple. Audit or inspection is never a problem and does not require substantial preparation.

There are tons of things to consider when it comes to choosing the right
Learning Management System.

Let’s take a quick look at some of them:

  1. LMS allows automatic training assignments, which helps efficiently scale and integrate new companies or teams into corporate culture.
  2. LMS acts as an online library: SOPs, company templates, CVs, job descriptions, training files, and certificates are stored in one place.
  3. LMS has different training options: trainer-led, self-training, and a course.
  4. LMS supports various content formats, including videos, presentations, links, documents attachments, SCORM, and interactive quizzes, making training easy to go through.
  5. LMS provides deep business intelligence reporting for all training matters – besides all basic reports you can even see how long it took to answer a specific question in a training quiz.
  6. Access for different levels of employees and external users – QA view, training manager view, line manager view, project manager view, and employees view.
  7. A compliant e-signature is available to sign the documents and confirm that training has been passed. 
  8. Flexible notifications allow not to miss training, review, and update an SOP.

Flex Databases Learning Management System covers all these features and many more. Any audit is never a challenge. Training and SOP matrixes are maintained automatically. Training files are audit-ready and exportable in one click. 

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