Webinar recording: Digitalizing Quality Management System: how and why?

Apr 19, 2023

In early April 2023 we’ve hosted a webinar about why and how you can digitalize your Quality Management System with our brilliant QA Director Anna Petrovskaya as a host.


1. How-to and why take your QMS digital
2. Can your real-life QMS processes be 100% compliant with the e-system?
3. How to streamline your work: from quality document development and up to the education of your teams
4. How to minimize efforts to keep the quality high throughout the clinical trial

To learn more about Flex Databases QMS, please visit our product page or request a demo via form on top of the page or a request to bd@flexdatabases.com


Webinar recording: Digitalizing Quality Management System: How and Why? with Deloitte

Late November we’ve hosted a joint webinar with Deloitte on how you can and why you should consider digitalizing Quality Management System.

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Webinar with Deloitte: Digitalizing Quality Management System: How and Why?

November 21st, 17.00 CET we’ll have a joint webinar on quality digitalization with Vera Valesova, PhD, Senior Manager at Deloitte Risk Advisory/Life Science&Healthcare unit.

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11th Annual OCT Nordics 2023

We’re excited to announce our participation in 11th Annual Outsourcing In Clinical Trials Nordics 2023, October 24 – 25, Copenhagen, Denmark.

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KPI reports – get a complete overview of what’s essential at a glance

What’s usually been a whole collection of different graphs is now in one – and you can see when and if something goes wrong. 

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