Blog What’s new in Flex Databases Application Release 11

10 April 2020

Trial Master File 6.0

  • OCR recognition: Upload scanned documents and pictures in TMF and make them searchable. System supports automatic text recognition on upload or single file recognition in more than 8 languages
  • Digital sign-off function for documents: assign authors, reviewers, and approvers, upload documents for digital sign-off. The system creates a document with a digital signature page
  • My favorites: Mark frequently used files as Favorites. Browse and have them handy in a special personalized section
  • Automated upload of CRA Activity Management files into respective placeholder: Upload monitoring reports and other documents from CRA Activity Management module straight into the dedicated placeholders in TMF

Learning Management System 4.2

  • Project Manager area: Project Managers can now assign project-specific trainings and track the training progress of their project teams
  • Mass assignments: Administrator can now assign multiple trainings to one employee in a batch
  • Improvement of roles assignment system: Flexible level of access to the admin area is now available

Subject Tracking & Invoicing 4.0

  • Extended Splitting between beneficiaries for Site Budgets and Invoices: Create separate budgets for sites, investigators and other payees and automatically manage payments to sites based on it
  • Configurable invoice template for site payments: Create your invoice templates using our user-friendly Template designer
  • A configurable set of Bank Account fields: Add Bank account details to payees
  • SFTP or API Integration option: The system now allows you to connect to your EDC system automatically to import subject- and visit- related data

CRA Activity Management 2.1

  • Report/letters Template Preview: template preview available in flexible templates designer for site visit reports, confirmation and follow-up letters
  • Template Designer improvement: a user may choose to place comments after every separate section of a site visit report questionnaire

Investigators & Sites Management 3.1

  • Access type improvement: project-specific access is now available

Quality Management System 1.0

Quality Management System is based on workflows from the Workflow Management module.

  • SOPs creation
  • CAPA management
  • Incident management
  • Audit management

Expense Reporting 2.0

  • Design improvements: layout update, UI and UX improvements

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