Ultimate Guide to eTMF

Aug 5, 2021

Even though electronic Trial Master File seems to be almost essential nowadays, there are still many questions on its value and benefits that it could bring to a company. 

We’ve decided to answer the most common and most important of them and walk you through the entire process – from Why select eTMF through Legacy data migration to Smart eTMF, which works almost autonomously and takes care of your tomorrow.

Table of contents

Chapter 1: Why move to eTMF?

  • What is eTMF?
  • Integrating an eTMF system

Chapter 2: Paper TMF vs. eTMF?

Chapter 3: How eTMF saves money?

Chapter 4: What’s next for eTMF? 

Chapter 5: How Flex Databases eTMF helps optimize clinical trial processes?

  • Easy collaboration with the sites at no added cost
  • How to move from paper to eTMF in three simple steps?
  • On the way to the Neural eTMF

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More about eTMF

Data integrity assessment according to ALCOA++: Flex Databases eTMF is fully compliant

Data integrity has always been a critical point during the development of eTMF systems. One of the industry’s latest standards is ALCOA++, and our eTMF module is 100% compliant with ALCOA++.

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Bioclever selected Flex Databases
BioClever selected Flex Databases eTMF and PM & Budgeting 

This fall BioClever, Spanish full-service CRO, and Flex Databases signed a contract for eTMF, Project Management & Budgeting and Time Sheets & Utilization implementation.

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CTMS & eTMF implementation – Flex Databases & FGK CRO case study

In this video, we’ll tell you about Flex Databases CTMS & eTMF implementation for FGK CRO.

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Faron selected Flex Databases eTMF to have better oversight for Faron sponsored studies

This summer Flex Databases and Faron, a Finnish biopharmaceutical company, signed a contract for eTMF implementation.

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