Why customers value Flex Databases?

Mar 3, 2020

We solve problems

We don’t show you cookie-cutter presentations, we solve your problems with our flexible platform.

We bring transparency

Systems provide you a real complete picture of what is going on with your trials at any given moment. Flex Reporting tool allows you to track any KPIs across departments, projects, countries, etc.

We have a full-stack system

Everything from monitoring reports to detailed made explicitly for clinical trials financial management in one system. Our Clients don’t have to manage many different providers – they get everything they need with just one.

We make growth and mergers easier

When a company grows exponentially, either by merging/buying some companies, entering a new market, or acquiring investments, they need more transparency, control, and unity in the processes. Our solution helps with unifying processes and people.

We offer a fair price

We don’t aim for the contract price, we aim for long-lasting partnerships. Check out our Pricing Policy to know more.

We are here for you

Our people are always ready to answer questions, help to solve problems and provide any materials about the company or our products. We are known for the best client service.

We have a similar mindset and experience 

All Flex Databases executives came to the company from CROs and pharmaceutical companies. Our CEO works in clinical trials for 30 years, Chief Product Officer – 15 years, etc. We know exactly what our clients need because most of us have seen it through their own eyes.

We have an amazing baseline solution and offer unlimited customization options

Baseline version of our system is super functional, it has everything for clinical trials, from project startup to pharmacovigilance, yet there is no limit to perfection – and that is why we are ready to customize the solution.

More from our clients

WSG selected Flex Databases eTMF & CTMS to centralize and optimize study management

WSG selected Flex Databases eTMF & CTMS to centralize and optimize study management.

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Webinar recording: Speed-up patient recruitment by the means of automated site payments

On the first day of June we’ve hosted a joint webinar with our client, Confidence Pharmaceutical Research.

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SOLTI academic research group gets full transparency of clinical operations with Flex Databases CTMS and eTMF implementation

With Flex Databases CTMS & eTMF implementation, SOLTI aims to perform detailed analysis based on the information included in the system, have an operational data repository easy to consult and to easily extract reports of transversal data for company statistics and performance over the years.

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SocraTec R&D selected Flex Databases eTMF to make essential documents available in real-time globally and tighten co-operations

We asked CEO André Warnke a couple of questions about the upcoming partnership

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Have we picked your interest?

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