Events TOP-5 things to do in Philadelphia

22 五月 2019

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BIO 2019 is approaching at Philadelphia, PA. If you are planning to visit – here’s our little guide!

Since most of us are clinical trials professionals, and we have some deep feelings for medicine-related things, the first place we recommend is The Mütter Museum. Medical history tells itself from a different perspective of medical abnormalities, not the one we all used to – guides describe it as “creepy, but clinical”. It’s charming and terrifying at the same time, and for sure, it’s a unique experience.

Address: 19 S 22nd St, Philadelphia, PA

Mutter Museum

Moving from food for thought to actual food: Reading Terminal Market, one of the oldest and largest public markets in the United States. The place itself is an avatar for fusion – all kinds of amazing cuisines, signature dishes and once in a lifetime gourmet experiences are available there. Also, visiting Reading Terminal Market gives you a perfect opportunity to try famous Philly cheesesteak – the best one in the whole world.

Address: 51 N. 12th Street, Philadelphia, PA

After a nice dish at Reading Terminal Market, it’s time to walk out some gained calories – so it’s time to visit Fairmont Park. We’re lucky to have BIO at the beginning of summer – so we won’t miss the green ocean of trees, covering 2,054 acres – more, than twice as much as New York Central Park. It might be hard to see it all in one day, so we recommend to follow a guide on its hidden gems – to get the most of it in a shortest possible time.

Address: Reservoir Dr, Philadelphia, PA

If you want to feel the Philly love, you can visit LOVE statue, but we have one more exciting option to share – Love Letter Murals, an art project made by the collaboration of the Philadelphia Mural Arts Program and the talented artist, Stephen Powers (ESPO). 50+ rooftop murals, that you can observe from the elevated train platform of the Market-Frankford line in West Philadelphia. Take a train or a walk to check it out – worth the time!

Address: you can take a train tour here, for example, or follow the map during your walk.

Last, but not least thing in our guide is Philadelphia’s Magical Gardens – a place where the power of art, imagination, and inspiration are combined together to make a masterpiece of impression. Someone once wrote, that it was made from trash to treasure – don’t know about how trashy it was, but it’s truly a treasure now. Must see!

Address: 1020 South Street, Philadelphia, PA

We have one bonus place-to-visit left: BIO meeting with Evgenia Mikhalchuk, Director, Business Development & Marketing & Ekaterina Borisenko, Business Development & Marketing Associate – to schedule, drop us a line to  or message us through our profile at BIO One-on-One Partnering.

See you in Philly!