11th Annual OCT Nordics 2023

Oct 16, 2023
11th Annual OCT Nordics 2023

We’re excited to announce our participation in 11th Annual Outsourcing In Clinical Trials Nordics 2023, October 24 – 25, Copenhagen, Denmark. Not only can you meet our brilliant team members during the event, but also encounter a chance to hear Evgenia Michalčuk-Vráblík, Global Director of Growth, give a talk titled “Seamless Digital Collaboration: Uniting Vendors and Sponsors via eSystems for Transparency and Compliance“.

Key points:

  • Real-life practice: scenarios with multiple stakeholders – CROs, sponsors, inspectors, and vendors – access, roles, compliance
  • Digital Collaboration: communication obstacles, fragmented workflows and data discrepancies among vendors, sponsors, and eSystems
  • Demonstrating compliance: digital tools to meet industry regulations and standards
  • Transparency: establishing trust, accountability, and fostering effective collaboration
  • Adaptability: modern eSystems should integrate for smoother collaboration and efficiency

Evgenia’s speech is scheduled for Day 1 on October 24th, at 4.00 PM.

Our Business Development Managers will be happy to provide a short demo at our booth #1 – so there’s no way you’d miss us here.

See you soon!


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