Why clients choose Flex Databases

May 24, 2021
Why clients choose Flex Databases

Trust in clinical trials field is essential. When you pick a software provider, you commit and hope for a long and successful relationship (our BD&M Director always says that “average contracts last longer than average marriages”). And, before you commit, you want to check the potential partner as deep as possible and learn about recent partnership experiences. That’s why we’ve decided to provide this page – in a form of constantly updating reference. We ask some of our new partners about why they’ve decided to go with us – and here you can see the reasons and, probably, find something close to yours. Each reference has a link to a full release where you can learn more about the partnership and the client characteristics.

So, why do our clients choose Flex Databases as a software provider?

FGK Clinical Research

Martin Krauss, Managing Director of FGK Clinical ResearchAfter an extensive evaluation, FGK chose the CTMS system from Flex Databases. The system convinced with its clear structure and intuitive handling. Both the flexible module for managing the payment of investigators and the possibility for CRAs to work offline with the system are clear advantages. Last but not least, the cooperation with the competent Flex Databases team during the evaluation phase also influenced the purchase decision.

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Assign DMB

Dr. Anton Klingler, CEO at Assign DMBAssign DMB is always in search of innovative new electronic systems to cover clinical trial processes. We want to amend our portfolio of electronic systems to offer more flexibility to our clients. Assign DMB experiences that Flex Databases is very customizable as the product range is organized in modules which can be selected as needed. We decided to pick Flex Database as the offer, the presentations and the customer support were very tailored to the needs of Assign DMB with short turnaround times, and as you cover applicable regulations like 21 CFR Part 11.

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Bionical Emas

Manish Patel, Systems Manager, Clinical Operations at Bionical EmasBionical Emas Clinical Development has selected Flex Databases as a computer system supplier for Clinical Trial Management System (CTMS) because it is known for flexible eClinical platform for full-cycle clinical trial management. It is a secure and validated platform, offer baseline solution that fulfil our business user requirements, require minimum implementation time which allow to transit from one to another system for fast pace on-going clinical trials. It allows project team to complete their day-to-day study and site management related activities such as site selection, submission tracking, site monitoring, site payment in system efficiently to eliminate manual tracking which can lead to human error, and able produce metrics and reports in real-time.

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Jessica Chang, Senior Director, A2TW Clinical Operations DepartmentFlex Databases meet the regulatory requirements and provide customization services with impressive flexibility within a reasonable budget.

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Exom Group

Luigi Visani, MD, President & CEO at Exom GroupWe are confident that the implementation of Flex Databases will allow us to achieve a higher level of operational flexibility and technological unification. To support our operational processes and adapt them to the specific needs of each clinical trial, we need applications that are adaptable, easy to integrate, simple to use, and stable, without of course forgetting security and regulatory compliance. Flex Databases solutions meet these requirements and we are confident that they will help us in our daily effort to offer a service with high levels of quality and performance.

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Gouya Insights

Ghazaleh Gouya, CEO at Gouya InsightsFlex Databases was recommended by our clients. During the use of Flex Databases with our clients we have experienced great and fast customer support. The database structure seems customer-friendly including QC modules supporting the operational team at Gouya Insights to keep eTMF easily inspection ready. The cost structure seems rational. Straightforward interface.

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Bianca Oelschig, Clinical Data Sciences Manager at TCDAfter spending many months researching various TMF vendors we concluded that Flex Databases eTMF was a great fit for TCD. The software is well designed, user-friendly and extremely customizable to suit the needs of various clinical trials. The team from Flex Databases has been very efficient and helpful and we look forward to working with them going forward.

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Tranquil Clinical Research

Tranquil Clinical ResearchFlex Databases CTMS and Pharmacovigilance system are well-known as unified yet flexible eClinical platform for full-cycle clinical trial management.It helps to optimize and automate the most important aspects of any clinical trial process – monitoring, grants & subjects, and sitesIt provides easy capability for financial management, study monitoring, feasibility assessments, and other needsIt is a secure and validated PV system that serves as a single point of entry, assessment, and reporting of safety data.

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Claudia Gruber, Director Clinical Operations at SourciaTo foster and allow for our continued growth, Sourcia decided to implement an eTMF system. After screening and testing of several eTMF systems we found the Flex Databases eTMF system to be the best fit for Sourcia as a Boutique CRO. This is due to its simplicity, flexibility and clear structure. Apart from the eTMF system, the setup of the overall Flex Databases system is also attractive to us, since it has modules and offers the possibility to add functionalities to our electronic platform in a stepwise approach, whilst benefiting from one integrated system.

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FCREWe´ve evaluated different provides with eTMFs system however decided to go on with Flex Databases because of the nice pricing and the most convincing system in terms of user friendliness, inhouse vendor requirements, and range of the system features.


Dr. Ulrike Schorr-Neufing, Director, Qualification & Training, ABX-CROAfter an intensive selection and evaluation process comparing different service providers, ABX-CRO decided to select Flex Databases. The main deciding factors are the possibility of on-premise solutions for CTMS and eTMF as well as the flexibility of the different modules for managing clinical trials. Furthermore, Flex Databases meets ABX-CRO requirements regarding user-friendliness and interaction with internal software solutions very well.

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Maria Lahtinen, Director, Supplier Management at FaronFaron needed to find a software provider capable to fulfill all different requirements (technical, data security, validation, user experience and co-operation requirements). We also needed a software provider ready to guide us through the set-up and implementation of the system; with a team readily available to answer all manner of questions that arise through the process. We were looking for flexibility because all study-specific requirements were not clear for us when we started the selection process. The time for the set-up was also limited because we wanted to have the system in use very quickly for our upcoming studies but with strictly qualified process.

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Jordi Cantoni, Director at BioClever
After comparing different solutions to manager our company, we decided to select Flex Databases for three main reasons:
– The possibility to manage all aspects of our company with a unique software solution.
– The specialisation in clinical trials and studies. Same language-talking.
– The friendly front user and utilisation.

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Joshua Baisley, H.B.Sc.
VP, Clinical Design and Delivery
Stephanie Recker, M.Sc.
Director Program Management
We are looking forward to the efficiencies that will be gained across our team with the implementation of Flex Databases allowing us to move to an single solution where we are able to integrate modules covering the entire clinical trial lifecycle with the ability to expand to incorporate our quality management system and learning management system later this year in a single platform.  The decision to move forward with Flex Databases demonstrates our commitment to quality, transparency and regulatory compliance for our clients.

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Maya Bhattacharya, Manager-I Business Continuity (Implementation Lead)SPARC choose Flex Databases due to system flexibility and checking the boxes for ALL of our major requirements. We also wanted the latest and greatest technology considering the long-term advantages of having one solution with the increased possibilities of integration. The customer interaction was phenomenal throughout the vetting/procurement process and Olga / Evgenia made the absolute difference in securing our business, after vetting 11 vendors. We knew Flex Databases was a game changer, providing confidence to what we could do next within the Clinical space, considering our trials/patients.

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AXIS Clinicals

Melissa Burgard, MSW, CCRC, Director, Clinical Research
Dinkar Sindhu, Chief Executive Officer at AXIS Clinicals
AXIS Clinicals selected Flex Databases because they provide a one- stop-shop software platform and their user friendly design that will enable us to be organized and enhance our capabilities for all of our functional service areas.  Axis plans to use Flex Databases software packages to streamline all of our service areas from monitoring and essential document storage to budgeting and finance.

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Metronomia Clinical Research GmbH

Metronomia Clinical Research GmbH team“We have been using Excel for many project management and budget-related activities so far. With an increasing number of projects and customers, this approach does not scale well and makes reporting across projects difficult. Flex Databases offers a solution which seems lightweight and tailored to the needs of the pharma/CRO work environment. We expect to gain efficiencies in project management and budget-related activities such as performance reporting. We also expect better project and resource oversight.”

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Clinergy Health Research

Suyh Lin, Clinical Project Manager at Clinergy Health ResearchPV system and digitalization was implemented due to one of our client’s needs, and considering the expectation of an important number of safety cases to be managed in this particular project. We selected Flex Databases due to a good cost-benefit and also due to the easy integration with Clinergy’s EDC system.

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Anima Research Center

Linde Buntinx, Chief Development Officer at AnimaWe selected Flex Databases due to an asy to use environment, many options available, possibility to document trainings via trainings certificates.

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iRenix Medical

Stephen J. Smith, MD, Founder and CEO at iRenix MedicaliRenix selected Flex Databases after a thorough review of their system and comparison to competitors. The reviews and demos made us comfortable that this system offered key functionality in an easy-to-use interface for our staff and clinical trial sites. 

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SocraTec R&D

André Warnke, CEO at SocraTec R&DAfter an intensive testing and comparison phase of different providers we chose Flex Databases since we were able “to tick all boxes” on all of our different requirements, e.g. well-designed and user-friendly interface, data security, validation and flexibility for all different kinds of clinical trials.

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SOLTI teamYes, we have worked with other softwares in the past, for different kind of activities, not only CTMS. What we can highlight of FDB software so far is that is adaptable to the needs of the users, is flexible in modifying to include our requirements. They are very customer focused.

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Michael Städele, Director, Business Development & Operations at WSGThe functionalities of the Flex Databases software, the possibility to add other compatible modules (e.g. for budgeting) and the very professional presentation convinced us. During the presentations, we realized that Flex Databases exactly knows what the critical points in daily practice are and has a solution for these. Also, the pricing module is fair and transparent which is an important factor too.

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Learn more about Flex Databases CTMS and eTMF or request a free demo: bd@flexdatabases.com.

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