SPARC chose Flex Databases as one solution with an increased possibilities of integration after vetting 11 vendors

May 30, 2022

Earlier this year Sun Pharma Advanced Research Company (SPARC) selected Flex Databases to be a full-scale eClinical vendor, purchasing eTMF, CTMS and Project Management & Budgeting solutions.

We’ve asked Maya Bhattacharya, Manager-I Business Continuity (Implementation Lead) a couple of questions about the upcoming partnership:

Why SPARC decided to implement eTMF, CTMS and PM&B? What was the starting point for digitalization?

SPARC decided to implement eTMF, CTMS and PM&B to address internal gaps, considering our Clinical need for long-term internalization. SPARC’s digitalization started after experiencing the limits with outsourced vendor systems/data/reporting, and extreme vendor cost not adding up to the quality.

Why SPARC selected Flex Databases as a software provider?

SPARC choose Flex Databases due to system flexibility and checking the boxes for ALL of our major requirements. We also wanted the latest and greatest technology considering the long-term advantages of having one solution with the increased possibilities of integration. The customer interaction was phenomenal throughout the vetting/procurement process and Olga / Evgenia made the absolute difference in securing our business, after vetting 11 vendors. We knew Flex Databases was a game changer, providing confidence to what we could do next within the Clinical space, considering our trials/patients.

What do you expect to achieve with the implementation of Flex Databases?

We expect to achieve establishing a strong internal Clinical foundation for our trials, keeping 100% control over the process and having accurate data at our fingertips to make better and sound decisions based on advanced filtered reporting. We know Flex Databases will benefit all global functional stakeholders involved, especially our patients.

Sun Pharma Advanced Research Company (SPARC) is a clinical stage bio-pharmaceutical company focused on continuously improving standards of care for patients globally, through innovation in therapeutics and delivery. SPARC was formed in 2007 through a demerger from SUN PHARMA, a global leader in speciality generics.

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