Ultimate guide to CTMS

Apr 13, 2022

Clinical Trial Management System (CTMS) is an essential tool for any modern company, engaged in clinical trial process somehow. We’ve decided to compile an Ultimate Guide about Flex Databases CTMS and answer the biggest questions a person could have on the subject: from what is CTMS to what’s coming next.

Table of contents:

Chapter 1: Flex Databases CTMS: modules
Chapter 2: How CRA Activity Management impacts daily life of a CRA
Chapter 3: Digitalize your routine processes
Chapter 4: Solving site payments problem with Subject Tracking & Invoicing
Chapter 5: Case study: How Novo Nordisk sped up site payment processes and cut costs up to 8 times with Flex Databases CTMS
Chapter 6: User-centric CTMS
Chapter 7: CTMS 2022 – intelligence insights, not tools for automation

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