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May 13, 2022

What was always a problem?

Every single person connected to clinical trials has always been dreaming to have one button to click Every person connected to clinical trials has always dreamed of having one button to click that could allow see all the information about the trial at once. Everybody dreamed about the place where all clinical data is connected to operational information and where you are to intake the data only once to get it into multiple places.

Clinical trial data is typically collected through various systems developed by different vendors using multiple technologies and data standards. In that case, you have to hunt for each piece of information or any report and then compile them all together to get a more or less comprehensive view.

Solution to arrive

With the launch of Flex EDC, you will be able to cover all the aspects of the clinical trial process and beyond within one platform:

And not just can you access these modules through the one entry page, but you can easily access, aggregate, and interpret any data point through the unified reporting interface. This solution is our vision of a powerful data house – the next step of eClinical solutions development.

What does powerful data house mean? 

Simply speaking, track all the KPIs in one place. 

Now you will be able to connect clinical (the data from the sites) and operational (the data from the study team) information in one place. Say, you will have information about all the patient-related assessments and outcomes and, at the same time, all the data about CRAs’ visits being captured in one platform, and thus, following the same data governance rules. From now on, you can easily span over different data points and create reports you need or view the predefined ones. 

How do all the systems communicate? 

Of course, to provide such connectivity between our modules, we must ensure that they are talking to each other. Once information is entered into any part of the platform, the system will arrange a fast data flow to any other module. Say Investigator has reported an SAE in FlexEDC. This information will flow to the Pharmacovigilance module with the conversion of the standards: from CDASH to E2B. 

The last thing that is usually tough when using multiple providers for your eClinical solutions is the differences between the systems and the supporting teams. Since today you can have identical menus and logic of all the modules – EDC, CTMS, eTMF, and others and the same team to support you in case of any questions. 

No more siloed data sources. Centralize the decision-making with our powerful data house.

Request a demo through the form or message us to bd@flexdatabases.com to learn more!

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